Decision No. 18/2007/QD-TTg, 10 June 2007 of the Prime Minister ratifying Vietnam forest development strategy for 2006-2020. General objective of the Decision is to establish sustainable forest protection, development and use of 16.24 mil. ha planned for forestry sector, increase forest cover to 42...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Forestry
Major issues of the tea sector in Vietnam   Nowadays, Vietnam is considered to be one of the cradles of the world’s best tea. Since the beginning of 20th Century, when the French invaded Viet Nam, they paid special attention to tea plants with much research and many investigations...
On June 10, 2013, the Prime Minister of Vietnam issued Decision No. 899/QD-TTg approving the restructuring of agriculture and rural development towards increasing the added value and sustainable development. On June 18, 2013, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development promulgated the Action...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT The surveyed results showed that Vietnam's 2003 Land Law still imposes strict ceilings on land ownership so that opportunities to consolidate and expand farming operations through the land sale market are very limited. In 2009 there were 150,102 commercial farms throughout the country,...
Dr. Tran Cong Thang and Dinh Thi Bao Linh[1]   Key words: food safety, polices, Vietnam. INTRODUCTION In addition to food security, food safety has been a major concern for the Government of Vietnam in recent years because food safety and quality is necessary not only for the community...