Chun-Tang Lu

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ABSTRACT In 2017, the Council of Agriculture in Taiwan initiated “Smart Agriculture (SA)”, a 6-year research program. Based on sensor/sensing technologies, intelligent robots, Internet of Things (IoTs) and big data analytics, it is expected to build smart production, marketing and digital...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Since 1997, Taiwan has been planning for precision agriculture. In 1999, a pilot project was launched with rice as the target crop, entitled “Studies on Precision Farming System for Rice (1999-2002).” Although this four-year project cannot solve all rice production problems...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT   The agro-product traceability system is considered an approach that may lead to create product differentiation in the market, elevate product competitiveness, and bring about better production and consumption environment for agro-products in Taiwan. Through the integration of...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Smart agriculture