ABSTRACT This paper provided brief discussion of the current state of Philippine agriculture, the challenges being faced by the sector as well as the plans at least for the medium-term. It highlighted the importance of agriculture in the country and the challenges faced by the government to...
Country: Philippines Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT A brief discussion on the importance of technology transfer policy was discussed in this paper. It provided the significance of crafting a law for technology transfer and what are the pressing issues and challenges to be addressed. Related policies were also presented and how they...
INTRODUCTION The importance of AFNR graduates in the Philippines The Philippines, like the rest of the developing world, experienced accelerated industrialization and urbanization in recent decades. Worldwide, the demographic transition process and globalization of labor and trade have been...
Country: Philippines Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT The future challenges facing agriculture will require a paradigm shift from a production orientation to a market-centric orientation. There should be a mindset shifts from a traditional perspective of agriculture of production to a market-centric agribusiness model. Philippine...
Country: Philippines Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT The author discusses his personal account on the humble beginnings of Harbest, a company which he started when he was a young entrepreneur working and staying in Taiwan and soon took shape when he returned to his native land in Negros Island in the Philippines. From a company that first...
Country: Philippines Topic: Agribusiness