INTRODUCTION In Myanmar, the agriculture sector has strong link with economic development, it has been undergoing rapid development due to policy reform. Since 1988, the transformation from a centrally planned economy to a market oriented economic system has led to increasingly intensified...
ABSTRACT Coconut remains to be one of the most important crops and a major export of the Philippines. However, despite the continued boom of coconut exports, there has been no significant improvement in the coconut industry for the past years. A factor that has considerably affected the industry...
Country: Philippines Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT The Philippine rice sector has always been the center of government agricultural policies. The focal points of the policies revolve around promoting food self-sufficiency, providing high income to rice farmers while making prices affordable to the consuming public. The accession to WTO...
ABSTRACT This paper provided brief discussion of the current state of Philippine agriculture, the challenges being faced by the sector as well as the plans at least for the medium-term. It highlighted the importance of agriculture in the country and the challenges faced by the government to...
ABSTRACT A brief discussion on the importance of technology transfer policy was discussed in this paper. It provided the significance of crafting a law for technology transfer and what are the pressing issues and challenges to be addressed. Related policies were also presented and how they...