INTRODUCTION Reform on the system of rural collective property rights is a great innovation in the rural economic system. It meets the demands of injecting vigor into the development of agriculture and the rural areas. The CPC Central and the State Council attach great importance to the work and...
Country: China Topic: Rural development
Background and main content of policy  Since the Third Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, China has made substantial progress in the construction of the new socialist countryside and the balance development of rural and urban areas, and scored outstanding achievements in...
Country: China Topic: Rural development
The fund and labor raising of “Case-by-Case” mechanism is an institutional arrangement to solve the problem of rural welfare establishment investment, the important means for farmers to participate in the democratic management and decision making, and the main supervision target of the...
Country: China Topic: Rural development
In 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture has deepened institution reform and role changes, stably conduced reform of administrative institutions, innovated and improve the society management institutions, and comprehensively improved the regulation ability of agricultural and rural economy, based on...
Country: China Topic: Rural development
The Ministry of Agriculture worked in August, 2013 with other ministries to issue the agro-tech promotion service job creation plan, so as to guide the local government to combine the registration, training and job creation together, a lasting mechanism to update the grassroots technician team....