Byoung-Hoon Lee

Kangwon National University
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Assistant Professor

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ABSTRACT MAFRA plans to establish the status of Korea as the birthplace of kimchi by enhancing the competitiveness of domestically-produced kimchi. First, the ministry will expand the base of kimchi and fostering related industries. MAFRA will industrialize pickled cabbage as a kimchi related...
Country: Korea Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT   MAFRA established a ‘Five-year Comprehensive Plan for the 3rd Foreign Agricultural Resources Development (`18~`22)’. This plan is to change the direction of foreign agricultural development into developing various crops, help the expansion of related industry, and support...
Smart Farm Policy in Korea[1] Promotion process of smart farm policy The Smart Farm government policy started with the rapid opening of the oversea market opening with trading economies such as the US and the EU and the greenhouse aging has progressed rapidly. In the agricultural sector,...
INTRODUCTION Government budgets are divided into subsidies and loans in terms of project support schemes. In addition, they are also divided into central government and local government budgets, each of which has general and special accounting. The special account is a budget scheme that does...
Country: Korea Topic: Agricultural finance
INTRODUCTION Beginning with the FTA with Chile in 2002, Korea has signed 14 FTAs with 53 countries as of May 2016, and its proportion of FTA trade volume is expected to be over half the total trade volume. Some expect a large increase in regional exports if the FTAs are actively utilized, but...