Nik Rozana Nik Mohamad Masdek

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Introduction In general, there are three types of melons in Malaysia, namely watermelon, rockmelon, and honeydew. These melons are widely cultivated and easily obtained in Malaysia. Even though there are more than 500 varieties of melons and 150 varieties of watermelons all over the world, only...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Agriculture
Introduction Globalization and trade liberalization has opened up market access for food around the world. However, one of the concerns is on how do importing countries protect their people from risks of diseases, chemical hazard and contimination derived from food that  indirectly come...
INTRODUCTION Consumers are demanding healthy, nutritious and safe food and agricultural products. The demand has increased both in the domestic and export markets. This is a result of the rampant food scandals, which occur from time to time.. Examples of said scandals include the, pathogenic...
Nik Rozana Nik Mohd Masdek Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) Email:   Introduction Women are important workforce in many countries. Besides playing the role as housewives, women also contribute to the household income. The...
Nik Rozana Nik Mohd Masdek*, Tengku Mohd Ariff Tengku Ahmad* and Abu Kasim Ali* *Economic and Technology Management Research Centre, MARDI Headquarters, Malaysia e-mail:   ABSTRACT This paper evaluated the prospects of further agricultural trade...