Thailand: Government backs croc flesh to beat soaring meat prices


The Health Department has supported crocodile meat as a potential alternative to increasingly expensive pork.

Crocodile meat contains lots of protein but must be properly cooked to avoid bacterial contamination, department director-general Dr Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai said.

Despite being raised on chemical-free farms, crocodile meat might contain bacteria such as salmonella that cause digestive system abnormalities, he said.

People must wash their hands and equipment regularly, before processing the reptile's meat to avoid bacterial contamination, Dr Suwannachai said, adding consumers must refrain from eating undercooked crocodile meat. "I'd like to suggest buying the reptile's tail as it is considered as the best section of the meat," he said.

Good crocodile meat needs to be fresh with a solid colour and without a bad smell. It can be kept for 10-12 months at temperatures of -24C to -18C, for two to four months from -12C to -8C and 24 hours from 0-5C.

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