Long life tofu attracting popularity with more makers releasing products made from Japan-grown soybeans


More manufacturers are recently releasing long life tofu products with best-before period of 100 days or more.

Many of them use domestically-grown soybeans.

They hope the products with long shelf life will be used for such purposes as emergency supplies, e-commerce and outdoor activities, as well as being exported overseas.

Imuraya Co., a food and sweets manufacturer in Tsu, Mie Prefecture, released on Dec. 3 Umashi Tofu Long Shelf Life 180, which has a shelf life of 180 days if kept in the refrigerator. The firm developed its own manufacturing method of extending shelf life.

The product, made by squeezing thick soy milk produced completely from Fukuyataka soybeans grown in Mie, is rich in flavor and has smooth texture.

It contains no additives except bittern, a natural coagulant, to pursue the inherent taste of the ingredients.

“We want to take advantage of its long shelf life and ship the product not only within Japan but also to other countries mainly in Asia,” an Imuraya official said.

Aeon Co., a major retailer chain headquartered in the city of Chiba, has debuted under its Topvalu private brand a 149-yen silken tofu made completely from Japan-grown soybeans which can be stored at room temperature for 120 days.

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