Campaign launches to boost value of Thai food exports post-COVID

Date: 2021.04.14

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) has kicked off the ‘Thailand Deliver with Safety’ campaign to bolster the value of Thai food exports and boost confidence among buyers and importers of Thai agricultural products, food products and Thai halal food overseas.

The goal is to make buyers and importers recognise that Thailand remains the high quality food producer that ensures COVID-19 safety with strong potential as a major global market exporter.

Somdet Susomboon, Director-General of the DITP, said: “Due to COVID-19 impacts, Thailand has encountered a global trade slowdown, especially in the food manufacturing sector. This is partly resulted from the changes in consumer behavior as consumers are now prioritizing food safety.

“As a consequence, Thailand needs to adapt its strategy to meet the changing demands of buyers, importers and consumers.

“DITP has, thus, launched Thailand Deliver with Safety campaign in order to boost confidence among global trading partners as well as to reinforce the high potential and fine quality of the agricultural products, food products and halal food products of Thailand.

“Particularly, Thailand is reassuring global consumers that the strict safety measures are imposed throughout its food supply chain from sourcing raw materials, harvesting, transporting, protecting oneself at the factory and packing to delivery at consumers’ doorstep.

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