Mohammad Fauzy Tambi

Center for Technology Commercialization and Business, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute, Malaysia.
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Senior Researcher

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ABSTRACT Despite depletion of natural resources, the demand for food increases every year due to the increase in population. Without additional land and resources, the world will require more than 70% of food in 2050. Thus, technology and innovation are the options for meeting the food demand....
ABSTRACT The Malaysian government plans to transform the agriculture sector to be a dynamic, sustainable and competitive sector. Agriculture has been recognized as one of the National Key Result Areas (NKE) that projected to increase the gross national income to around RM49 billion (US$11.6...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT R&D activities should be promoted and supported to foster invention-innovation outputs. Malaysia has indicated significant continuous growth of R&D activities [Government Expenditure on R&D in Proportion to the Countries Gross Domestic Products (GERD/GDP]. The relative...