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Asia News Network
Prices of chicken and eggs are expected to be floated after June as part of the government’s efforts to overcome the food shortage, says Agriculture and Food Security Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu. He said the prices would be floated so that the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry...
The Register
India has sidelined Big Tech in its pursuit of a cloud for its agricultural industry. The nation's government has long sought to modernize its farming sector and spent several years pursuing a plan called AgriStack that it hoped – with help from the likes of Microsoft, Cisco, and AWS – would...
Far Eastern Agriculture
As Southeast Asian farmers steadily embrace smart farming, Japanese farm equipment maker, Kubota, is jumping at the opportunity to offer new products to an already extensive customer base. Kubota, best known for its tractors, has developed an app for farmers to enter data whenever they till the...
The governments of Indonesia and Malaysia, two of the world’s largest palm oil producers, have intensified their criticisms against European Union trade policies, which they deem to be discriminatory toward palm oil. Indonesia’s and Malaysia’s outcry has sown doubts over the two countries’...
GMA news online
The Senate is yet to ratify the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) due to some concerns on its effect on the agriculture sector, Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri said Tuesday. In an interview with reporters, Zubiri said RCEP is among the topics that he discussed with President...
Taipei Times
Taiwanese aquaculture researchers have raised the survival rate of lobster hatchlings from 40 percent to 70 percent, the Council of Agriculture’s Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station said. The station unveiled the breakthrough at a trade convention in November last year...
Meat has multiple nutritional benefits and is consumed as the primary source of protein by an increasing segment of the world’s population. However, there have been significant environmental costs associated with the growing demand for meat. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United...
The Korea Times
The government will establish what it calls a "K-rice belt" across seven countries in Africa, in order to advance current official development assistance (ODA) programs to countries that are struggling with a lack of agricultural infrastructure, compounded by geographical and other limitations...