Thailand agency boosts agriculture startups with deep tech platform

Borneo Bulletin

Thailand has 81 agricultural startups, with less than 15 focusing on deep technology, and investment in the agri-tech industry surpassing THB1.7 trillion.

The National Innovation Agency (NIA) is driving the growth of agricultural startups through its AGROWTH project this year. The project seeks startups using deep technology in agriculture to develop products or services, test real-world usage, adapt business models, and collaborate with top companies in the sector.

According to NIA director Kritphaka Bunfueang, Thai agricultural startups have secured approximately THB2.5 billion from domestic and foreign investors, indicating steady growth.

There are three deep technology trends worth noting that can serve as a guideline for future Thai startups:

Using large-scale agricultural data for forecasting and creating new standards can help optimize water and fertilizer usage, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This technology is expected to grow to around THB1.55 trillion by 2028.

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