Hunger and malnutrition: how well is your region doing?


The Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition – Statistics and Trends 2023 reports for five regions are now available in PDF and in device-friendly formats, with downloadable datasets on the latest trends related to hunger and malnutrition and an interface enabling easy comparison across regions.

The apparent levelling-off of global hunger in 2022 hides great disparities. There was little respite in Africa, with food insecurity creeping up in all subregions. In Western Asia and the Caribbean too, hunger made dispiriting new inroads. By contrast, Asia and Latin America saw clear progress.

Derived from the main State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) report published in 2023 (which contains data from the previous year), these regional reports unpick an ostensibly unchanged average to pinpoint where action is urgently needed.

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