India: Start-ups invited to apply for Agriculture Grand Challenge-2

The Hindu

C-CAMP’s Centre of Excellence for Agri Innovation, supported by Ktech which has launched Agriculture Grand Challenge-2 is now open to all start-ups across India.

In the agriculture group the call is for realising technology to increase shelf life and minimise post-harvest losses, technologies for plant pest and disease detection, monitoring and mitigation (the target crops are tomato, pomegranate, cotton and coffee) and technology for on-site drying and grading of cash crops.

In the animal husbandry/allied group the call is for realising novel artificial insemination techniques for cattle (for enhanced fertilization rates), developing cost-effective on-farm pregnancy detection kits for cattle to detect PAB/AGA/other hormones, affordable farmer-level mastitis detection and fast and accurate method for detection of contaminants in milk.

“We are looking for startups that have strong potential to transform key aspects of Indian agriculture in a disruptive manner. These start-ups should be able to solve one of these problems with a commercially viable and deployable solution at grass root level through deep science innovations,” states C-CAMP.

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