China Focus: Farmers reap gains in livestream boom

Date: 2020.05.08

Surrounded by various agricultural products, Chen Laifeng, a post-90s farmer livestreamer, was touting specialty tea to viewers on TikTok, known locally in China as Douyin.

"Huoshan Huangya, a famous yellow tea, features a pale yellow brew and fresh aroma. Please leave a message and place an order if you are interested," said Chen, introducing the quality and flavor of the tea.

Chen is the founder of a local agricultural cooperative involving over 150 farmers in Huoshan County, east China's Anhui Province. Instead of selling agricultural products to local vendors and seeing poor sales, Chen shifted her focus to livestreaming e-commerce this year.

On Douyin, Chen posted short videos recording her pastoral life and launched livestreaming sessions selling local produce, which has attracted more than 40,000 followers.

"Each of my livestreaming sessions can draw hundreds of viewers. I can sell over 1,000 bags of rice in a single night," said Chen. "In April, my sales volume via livestreaming reached about 600,000 yuan (about 84,600 U.S. dollars)."

"Through livestreaming, farmers can directly connect with consumers and integrate production and marketing in an efficient manner," said Chen.

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