Regulation of The Indonesian Minister of Agriculture Number 40/2019 on Business Licensing Procedures in Agriculture Sector: Simplifying, Streamlining, and Promoting Investments

Iqbal Rafani , Tahlim Sudaryanto

The Indonesian Minister of Agriculture issued the Regulation Number 40/2019 as one of the initiative reforms concerning the licensing procedures in the agricultural sector of the country. It is implemented through simplifying and streamlining the procedures of agricultural business licenses toward promoting higher investment opportunities. The regulation comprises business and commercial/operational licenses in line with the requirement and commitment based-online single submission system. The type and scope of the licenses consist of registration, recommendation, and certification for sub-sectors of estate crops, food crops, horticulture, and livestock. The implementation of this regulation can be viewed as a spirit to attract investors to develop the agricultural sector in the country.   

Keywords: agricultural investment, business licensing, online single submission, Indonesia