COA Announced Special Project Loans for Young Farmers

COA Announced Special Project Loans for Young Farmers

Published: 2015.07.02
Accepted: 2015.07.02
Associate Professor
Feng Chia University, Taiwan
Department of International BusinessFeng Chia University

Minister Bao-ji Chen of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan (COA) participated in a workshop meeting with young farmers in the central area (Taichung, Changwha, Nantou) on June 17.  In the said meeting, Minister Chen responded to the needs of young farmers through a special project of zero interest loans to assist them towards their dream of capital startups without the burden of debt repayment at the initial new venture stage. The interest subsidy will apply to up to NT$5 million loans by using “young farmer new venture loan”. This project is expected to become a major incentive to young farmers to seek for scale operation and stable businesses.

COA emphasized that it is very important to link with young farmers, so they called and gathered around 100 young farmers in the central area at the Changwha Farmers’ Association to join with about 100 young farmers at the second YouTube life broadcasting workshop entitled “Realizing a Farmer’s Dream at a Young Age”. In this workshop, Minister Chen expressed a positive affirmation to young farmers regarding the new edge of agricultural innovation actions presented by their outcome displays in the workshop.

COA noted in the workshop about the future plans and procedures to promote and assist young farmers. There were over 30 young farmers raising various questions onsite and over the internet’s interactive media, regarding agricultural operation capital demands, land acquisitions, marketing channels, business models, and labor shortages. In addition to the interest subsidy to zero-interest loans, Minister Chen also responded to those questions with further instructions for the related agricultural authorities to coordinate resources in order to resolve those problems and assist young farmers towards stable growth.

Minister Chen said that it would be a major policy of COA to “educate and assist young farmers”. COA will aggressively integrate policy resources in the future, including resources for farmers’ professional training, special policy loans, facilities and equipment subsidies, and farmland banks. Moreover, the assistance of young farmer companions will help local young farmers towards a stable agricultural career through participation in an exchange platform, which will make contributions to scaling up agricultural operations and income revenues under a renewed agricultural manpower structure.

After the interactive discussion with information exchanges, Changwha Young Farmer Association presented a gift to Minister Chen, packing with a working uniform and a box of a common-branded “Young Farmers’ Dream-field”. This gift presentation means a high expectation regarding their agricultural dreams in the future. They wish COA to offer ongoing assistance and counseling to accompany their growth. Minister Chen re-emphasized that COA would make every effort to assist young farmers to resolve problems they encounter in agricultural operation.

Date submitted: July 2, 2015

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: July 2, 2015