Quality Agriculture—CAS Excellent Down Products

Quality Agriculture—CAS Excellent Down Products

Published: 2014.02.25
Accepted: 2014.02.25
Board Director
Taiwan Flowers Development Association

Hwang-Jaw Lee

Board Director, Taiwan Flowers Development Association


The processing and the export of Taiwan's down products is the third largest in the world, which yielded an export value of US$254 million (equal to NTD 7.48 billion) and is regarded as the role model product in agricultural industry. The Council of Agriculture has officially incorporated down products into the premium product category under Certified Agricultural Standards (CAS) in 2013.

Combined with Taiwan’s climate, experience and technical improvement, the breeding of waterfowl has matured and expanded significantly, only top quality fresh down has been produced.  

The ‘begin to end’ process of down has been streamlined efficiently in order to produce top quality down. The precise control of breeding time produces abundant down feather in waterfowl and the snow-white purity of the down. The fresh down arrives at the processing plants within 24 hours. The highly sophisticated fine cleaning technology at the plant starts the first treatment procedure. When the cleaning is done within 24 hours, the attributes of top quality down can be achieved; the freshness of the feathers is maintained and prevents further fermentation. The elasticity, thermo diffusion, and retention time in the feather can be preserved.  

Certified Agricultural Standards administer strict investigation when certifying products. For down feathers, the process involves investigation of the production process, such as: primary rinse, feather classification, fine wash and piece before becoming final products. The first shipment of CAS certified down duvets made its first appearance in the market during the winter of 2013. Consumers were finally able to purchase light weight and warm down products with CAS certification locally.

CAS certified products have a prestige status, and consumers trust them. This trust enhances sales and production. Agricultural operation entities are proud to have this certification, and drive quality initiative intensely in order to maximize the market potential.  

(Data Sources: Council of Agriculture)

Date submitted: February 24, 2014

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: February 25, 2014