Promotional Activities of TAP System

Promotional Activities of TAP System

Published: 2014.02.25
Accepted: 2014.02.25
Board Director
Taiwan Flowers Development Association

Hwang-Jaw Lee, PhD

Board Director, Taiwan Flowers Development Association


Imagine every dining table serving only TAP products.

To achieve this vision, intense promotions were organized by the Council of Agriculture (COA), in order to promote TAP products, offer better channels for quality products and create a creditable image of TAP.  Few notable promotional events are: TAP Expert Competition; monthly lucky draws; and elementary school teaching plan competition. These events not only raise the visibility of TAP products, but also increase product sales.

These events received positive feedbacks from manufacturers, consumers, teachers and retailers. It created a community where the TAP experts shared stories of their perseverance and dedication; consumers shared their experiences of usingTAP products, too.

From the TAP Teaching Plan Selection competition that COA organized in 2013, this competition enables teachers and students to get acquainted with TAP products through interesting and creative learning activities. A total of 93 plans were submitted for the selection and after four rounds of fierce competition, 15 plans were finally selected and awarded. These winning teaching plans all boast of amazing contents and many of them have already been adopted for trial teaching practices. Some activities in the selected plans are: visiting producers, field trips to supermarkets, communicating with TAP experts etc. The common goal of the competition is to promote early education of TAP products, healthy diets and agriculture.

In the "TAP Expert" competition, 50 candidates were picked from agricultural, fishery, and livestock industries to compete for the “Best 15”, who would be interviewed and reported in the brochure called "TAP Expertise".   Their stories of safeguarding consumers’ health can now be shared with readers.  

“The Lucky Draw” was the simple way to promote consumption of TAP products. During the promotional period, all that consumers need to do is to submit 3 TAP labels for the lucky draw, like the lottery, NT$20,000 cash prize awarded for the lucky winners. By end of the year, a special prize of NT$30,000 was added during the annual performance review of TAP.

All these promotional activities were focused to involve everyone, from farmers, agri-business owners, retailers, owners of cyber stores, hyper markets, schools, and consumers; once consumers are informed about the demand for safe products, it is possible for the vision to be achieved.

 (Data Source: Council of Agriculture)

Date submitted: February 24, 2014

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: February 25, 2014