Based in Taiwan to Deploy throughout World

Based in Taiwan to Deploy throughout World

Published: 2013.12.31
Accepted: 2013.12.31
Board Director
Taiwan Flowers Development Association

Hwang-Jaw Lee, PhD

Board Director, Taiwan Flowers Development Association


Marching towards International stage to achieve the goal of “Based in Taiwan to Deploy throughout World”

In recent years the COA has set “based in Taiwan to deploy throughout the world” as its goal and actively promoted the agricultural products international marketing plan and diversified marketing strategy to assist exporters to participate in international exhibitions in target markets, sponsor promotional activities in cooperation with chain distributors, and establish long-term publicity, display and sale bases. The COA has actively helped exporters maintain their market shares in Japan, China and the United States, while developing emerging markets in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East, seeking to enhance the quality and quantity of agricultural exports.

Setting target markets and expansion strategies for different export products

Based on the operation characteristics of Taiwan agriculture, the COA has aimed at developing export markets for diversified products and formulating different marketing strategies for selected niche markets, hoping to create an export industry model and spur the export growth of all the products. For example, the government has effectively removed export barriers for Phalaenopsis orchids through bilateral negotiations with export market countries. Taiwan’s export competitiveness has been significantly enhanced because the United States, Australia and New Zealand agreed to import Taiwan Phalaenopsis with medium in 2004 and 2011 respectively. Moreover, Taiwan is Japan’s No. 1 vegetable soybean supply country. In recent years the COA has promoted the establishment of large-scale export zones, encouraged farmers to grow vegetable soybeans under contract, established the pesticide safety management system, actively developed new varieties of vegetable soybean, strengthened plant variety right protection, and assisted the industry in developing the international market through participation in foreign exhibitions and sponsoring promotional activities abroad.

 Utilizing cross-strait policy to take root in mainland market

Thanks to the opening of cross-strait direct transport and benefits brought by such policies as the signing of Cross-strait Agreement on Agricultural Products Quarantine and Inspection Cooperation and Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), China has now become the second largest market for Taiwan agricultural exports. In addition, the removal of quarantine and inspection barriers has enabled products manufactured by five Taiwan livestock processors and fresh pears to be exported to China.

 Due to the mainland consumption market has been flourishing in recent years, the COA has set the marketing strategy of building the image of “Taiwan quality products” to export mainly CAS quality products and GAP safe vegetables and fruits, hoping to highlight the special features of Taiwan agricultural products to separate them from Chinese products by differentiation and established brands. The COA has also continued assisting exporters to participate in international exhibitions sponsored by China, sponsored such promotional activities as “Taiwan Vegetable and Fruit Day,” and entrusted the Uni-President Group with establishing “Wanxiang,” a base for display and sale of Taiwan agricultural products which opened in 2012, hoping to further develop the Chinese market.

The COA will strive to increase farmers’ income by establishing stable supply chains for export products, improving the quality of Taiwan products and expanding diversified export channels to further promote exports.

(Data Source: The Council of Agriculture)

Date submitted: December 22, 2013

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: December 31, 2013