The Promotion of Traceability in Agricultural Products

The Promotion of Traceability in Agricultural Products

Published: 2013.11.27
Accepted: 2013.11.27
Board Director
Taiwan Flowers Development Association

Hwang-Jaw Lee

Board Director, Taiwan Flowers Development Association

The promotion of traceability in agricultural goods is one of the main itineraries on New Agricultural Project by the Council of Agriculture (COA).  Ever since the Agricultural Production and Certification Act have been enforced on January 29th, 2007, COA further finalized nine daughter regulations, including the Certification and Management Act for Agricultural Traceability Products. Besides, COA finalized nearly a hundred regulations of Taiwan Good Agricultural Practices (TGAPs) for main products in Taiwan. A national network of inspection and examination centers was also completed. Moreover, COA assisted several citizen-owned and private institutions to become legitimate certification bodies. These preparation works of relative basics and encountering mechanisms are ready for promoting food traceability system.

From 2013, promoting traceability in agricultural goods will step into a new stage - escalating the extention and distribution of food traceability ;  COA has scheduled to officially announce an "Agriculture Safety Year "; Additionally, Agricultural and Food Agency of COA will counsel croppers to enlarge their production quantity and enforce marketing of traceability products to ensure the safety of food for consumers. This is to give additional strength to international competitiveness, as well as the environment to further enhance the sustainable development for agriculture in Taiwan. In 2013, the major promotion highlights for agricultural crops traceability, was carried out by Agricultural and Food Agency of COA.

Agricultural and Food Agency of COA has completed with announced items total of 83, including 82 of common crops and organic crops.  Information is listed in chart 1.


Chart 1. Announced TGAPs for Agricultural Crops(2012.04.09)



General Crops

(25 items)

atemoya, sugar apple, pineapple, papaya, banana, carambola, grape, guava, pear, Indian jujube, mango, wax-apple, loquat, persimmon, lychee, Dragon fruit, passion fruit, plum, mulberry, citrus, avocado, peach, Mei, longan, Chinese jujube

(43 items)

Sweet potato tips, bell pepper, strawberry, tomato, spinach, short-term leaf vegetables (pakchoi, bok coy, Chinese kale, edible rape, leaf mustard, water convolvulus, garland chrysanthemum), golden mushroom, shiitake, broccoli, head lettuce, potato, carrot, edible burdock, musk melon, head leaf vegetables (cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Capitata mustard), soybean, onion , Chinese chive, bird-nest fern, Welsh onion, day lily, head lettuce gourds(cucumber, wax gourd, pumpkin, vegetable sponge, bittergourd, calabash gourd, oriental pickling melon), garlic, water bamboo, cauliflower, bamboo shoot, watermelon, asparagus, chili, celery, beans vegetables (asparagus bean, green bean, edible podded pea), mushroom cultivation on compost, mushroom cultivation in polypropylene bags, Bottle culture of mushrooms , basil, cantaloupe, green garlic, large leaf mustard, leaf lettuce, chayote, vegetable fern, taro, eggplant

(12 items)

sweet potato, tea, yam, peanut, roselle, corn, lycium chinense miller of leaf, Mesona chinensis benth, Anoectochilus formosanus Hay., Adzuki bean, Job’s tears, soybeans

Edible Rice
(1 item)


Edible Flower
(1 item)

Edible nymphaea


82 items

Organic Crops

Organic Crops
(1 items)

Organic crops


1 items


83 items


(Data source: Council of Agriculture)

Date submitted: November 27, 2013

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: November 27, 2013