Policy Efforts for Promoting Traditional Korean Liquors Industry

Policy Efforts for Promoting Traditional Korean Liquors Industry

Published: 2013.10.08
Accepted: 2013.10.08
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, College of Agricultural and Life Science, Seoul National University

Dr. Jeongbin Im


Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

College of Agricultural and Life Science

Seoul National University

Seoul, Korea

E-mail: jeongbin@snu.ac.kr


The Korean government has recently held the '2013 Korean Liquor Show' whichkicked off for a four-day period from Monday, September 2nd to Thursday September 5th. The 'Korean Liquor Show' began in 2007 and is now recognized as an event advertising high-quality traditional local liquors which helps increase the sales of participating companies. It is one of the various policy efforts to promote the traditional Korean liquor industry. Superior traditional Korean liquors which are made from local agricultural products won awards in the 2013 Korean Liquor Show.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural (MAFRA) announced that 32 premium Korean liquors were selected in eight classes in the ‘2013 Korean Liquor Show'. The 32 liquors were selected in eight classes through a preliminary assessment and site assessment conducted in 16 cities and provinces during May to August, 2013. The traditional Korean Liquors are categorized into eight types as follows: ① raw makgeolli, ②pasteurized makgeolli, ③ alcoholic drinks and cheongju, ④ fruit wines, ⑤ distilled soju, ⑥ general distilled liquor, ⑦liqueurs, and ⑧ other liquor.

Grand Prizes by class were won by ‘Raw Water Parsley Makgeolli’ (Raw Makgeolli, Palgongsan Minari Neungseong Agricultural Association), ‘Me3Green’ (Pasteruized Makgeolli, Woorisool), ‘Hwang Jin Yi’ (Alcoholic Drink, Chambon), ‘Chateau Meeso Rose Sweeet’ (Fruit Wine, Doranwon), ‘Gosorisul’ (Distilled Soju, Daesan Agricultural Association), ‘Tamiangs’(General Distilled Liquor, Chusung), ‘Plum Wine’ (Liqueur, The Han), ‘Honey Wine’ (Other Liquor, Ibee Agricultural Union Corporation).The award ceremony was held last September 13th. Many traditional liquors made from local agricultural products won prizes in the '2013 Korean Liquor Show'. Raw Water Parsley Makgeolli is made from Palgong Mountain water parsley, Honey Wine is made from Gyeonggi-do honey, Plum Wine is made from plums cultivated at the company's Seoul farm and Chateau Meeso Rose Sweet is made from Youngdong grapes grown by the company.

The Korean government is making efforts to develop world-class liquors by launching them in duty-free stores and supermarkets, and supporting their participation in international liquor shows, PR activities, and with prior financing for facility modernization. The MAFRA supported the previous first prize winning liquor which participated in foreign liquor shows to help promote globalization and international awareness of traditional Korean liquors, with outstanding results in liquor shows in San Francisco, USA and in the UK. This support will thus be expanded to the grand prize winning liquors this year as well. In the '2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SWSC)', Myeongin Andong Soju and Byeongyoung Selseong Satto Soju from Byeongyoung Brewery won the Double Gold Medal and the Silver Medal and Daetongju from Woorisool and Sannaewool Schizandra Wine from the Geochang Apple Horticulture Association were awarded the Bronze Medal in the Rice Wine and Fruit Wine Classes, respectively. In the '2013 International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC)', Byeongyoung Selseong Satto Soju of Byeongyoung Brewery, and Andong Soju and Daetongju of Woorisool won the Silver Outstanding Medal, and the Silver and Bronze Medals in the Spirits Class, respectively. Sancheoneo Makgeolli of Hwacheon Juga and White Lotus Baekryeon Makgeolli of Shinpyeong Brewery were awarded Bronze Medals in the Wine Class.


Date submitted: October 5, 2013

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: October 8, 2013