Free Economic Demonstration Zone--Value-Added Agriculture

Free Economic Demonstration Zone--Value-Added Agriculture

Published: 2013.07.10
Accepted: 2013.07.11
Board Director
Taiwan Flowers Development Association

Dr. Hwang-Jaw Lee, PhD

Board Director, Taiwan Flowers Development Association


"Free Economic Demonstration Zone--Value-added Agriculture" Key point of the Policy

In response to the challenge of regional economic integration, the Council of Agriculture (COA) will coordinate with the Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) and other related agencies to promote the program “Free Economic Demonstration Zone--Value-added Agriculture.” The program will raise abundant foreign and domestic funds as well as make good use of the advantages of raw materials over quantity, price and quality, along with Taiwan’s high-producing technology, safe and healthy manufacturing process and advanced research and development in agriculture, boosting to add value to the industry.  It will also push Taiwan’s agricultural goods to be sold around the world through the operation of the “Free Trade Zone” and “The Capital-absorbing Mode.”

Related agricultural industry will be stationed in the Free Economic Demonstration Zone

The program will be first inspected by the COA and the potential agricultural industry will be engaged in cross-domain integration to meet global strategy and layout. It will also assist the industry in contracting domestic producers in the future to build a long-term and stable supply chain system to safeguard the local farmers’ rights. Furthermore, the authorities will establish supporting policies to attract domestic enterprises and foreign tradesmen in investing in internationalizing Taiwan’s agricultural goods in order to create a “win-win” situation.

The COA has held many sessions and deliberations to realize the industry’s will and actively solicit its needs.  As a result, the value-added agriculture industry will be stationed by its nature, and follow-up will also be programmed individually, including ornamental fishes and its accessories, the tea industry, agricultural production, raw materials, animal vaccines, bio-fertilizers, etc.

Plans for the usage of agricultural raw materials and export to domestically produced goods in free economic demonstration zone have been worked out perfectly

 The value-added agricultural goods processed in the demonstration zone are set for exportation. In order to protect the advantageous attributes of demonstration zone, such as:  price, yield and quality; preventions of raw material shortage should be considered, both sourced locally and from abroad. This is to express the convenient administrative efficiency, adequate raw materials provided by the demonstration zone and combine Taiwan’s technological advantages to fully enhance the competitiveness of value-added products and internationalize the Taiwan’s agriculture.

Even though there is no ratio requirements for how much the industry of demonstration zone can use domestic raw materials, the high-quality raw materials are fundamental in producing high-quality products as well as vital keys in the sustainable management plan for industry investments. In the long term, the domestic raw materials have advantages over fresh, high-quality and safe products, which are the essential sources to the industry in the demonstration zone. The COA will continue to guide the industry in the demonstration zone to cooperate with domestic producers or to build satellite farms to increase farmers’ income and create a “win-win” situation.


Date submitted: July 2, 2014

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: July 11, 2013