Australia funds Vietnam's tech-based innovation projects in agriculture

Vietnam Plus

The Australian Government’s funding scheme – Innovation Partnership Grants under the Aus4Innovation programme - will provide 2 million AUD (1.3 million USD) for the fourth funding round to capitalise tech-based innovation in Vietnam’s agriculture sector.

The scheme aims to provide targeted funds to scale already tested activities that address emerging challenges and opportunities in Vietnam's innovation system.

Managed and implemented by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and delivered in strategic partnership with Vietnam's Ministry of Science and Technology, the programme has conducted three funding rounds for 12 projects and all of them have delivered successful results.

Under the theme "High Tech Innovation to Address Challenges in Agriculture for Sustainable Development", this round will welcome ideas that utilise technology to address challenges such as improving productivity in production and processing, enhancing the use of resources in agriculture, developing domestic and export markets for agricultural products, contributing to climate change adaptation/mitigation and resilience, or ensuring benefits for disadvantaged groups.

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