Philippines: Government drafts 3-year agriculture development program


The government is finalizing a three-year agriculture development program to raise the country's food production, according to the Department of Agriculture.

The program, spanning from 2023 to 2025, aims to promote agricultural productivity, particularly on rice, corn, high-value crops, livestock, poultry, and fisheries.

Aside from production, DA assistant secretary for operations Arnel De Mesa said the program also covers other activities such as postharvest and processing, logistics improvement, market linkages and arrangements, and research and development.

With the goal of achieving rice self-sufficiency by 2025 set by President Marcos, the DA-National Rice Program was instructed to determine specific areas for inbred and hybrid rice production and to formulate strategies for developing newly irrigated areas.

The plan focuses on intensified corn production via the DA-National Corn Program (NCP) to determine production areas for genetically modified and open-pollinated varieties.

Candido Damo of DA-NCP said the program aims to employ double cropping, which will increase corn production by 1.5 million metric by utilizing about 700,000 hectares of land.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) was also directed to identify high-value crops for local consumption and export.

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