Vietnam expects more markets to open to farm produce in 2023


This year, many Vietnamese agricultural products have been permitted to enter many countries, including durian, sweet potato, and bird's nests exported to China; pomelo to the US; longan to Japan; and lemons and pomelo to New Zealand. That helps Viet Nam diversify export markets for its farm produce.

Trung said that many agricultural products had been permitted to enter many countries this year after the negotiations had been carried out for many years.

Developing coded planting regions and package facilities is one of the mandatory requirements related to phytosanitary conditions for export products.

The agricultural sector guides localities, businesses and farmers to build the planting regions and package facilities granted codes. Now, more than 300,000 hectares are granted planting area codes.

Dao The Anh, deputy director of the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that the COVID-19 pandemic had changed the market structure, and many Vietnamese fruit and rice products have entered Europe, where Thailand dominated before.

“In the coming time, Viet Nam still has to continue to diversify markets, organise production following the requirements of the export market on food safety, and complete the post-harvest stage, including package. However, the culture is expected to have still many opportunities for export growth of agricultural products in 2023," Anh said.

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