China suspends imports of multiple Taiwanese food brands

Date: 2022.08.02

Taiwan's Council of Agriculture (COA) said Tuesday that China had temporarily halted imports of products from multiple Taiwanese food companies, in a move that is being viewed in some quarters as retaliation for the expected visit of U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In a press release, the COA said it learned of the import suspensions on Monday and was still working to determine how many companies had been affected.

Currently, the COA has confirmed that the blacklisted companies include producers of tea leaves, dried fruits, honey, cocoa beans, and vegetables, as well as catches from around 700 fishing vessels, the agency said.

The official reason for the suspension appears to be related to companies' compliance with a new customs registration system that Chinese authorities introduced in April of last year, according to the COA.

Data from China's General Administration of Customs, however, suggests that multiple Taiwanese companies whose registration status is up to date have also been affected by the ban.

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