S. Korea to diversify utilization of animal manure for developing efficient biogas


South Korea will embark on a state project to develop an efficient method of utilizing animal manure as renewable resources including biogas. The mixture of gases, primarily consisting of methane and carbon dioxide, can be used as fuel for vehicles and other equipment such as power plant turbines.

Biogas is normally produced by anaerobic digestion with anaerobic organisms inside a bioreactor filled with biowastes including animal manure and other biomasses such as sludge collected from sewage, lakes and rivers. Biogas can also be collected by digesting residuals from the dairy industry, sugar industry, or brewery industry.

The use of biogas as fuel is currently being researched across the world but the wide uptake of the renewable energy source is hindered because the infrastructure for biogas production and distribution requires very large investments. Also, it is hard for biogas manufacturers to achieve high profitability as the production rate is relatively low compared to solar power plants and wind farms.

In an effort to complete the country's sustainable energy transition, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs would accelerate the popularization and adoption of biogas by lowering legal hurdles that have hampered the operation of biogas manufacturing while launching a project to nurture the biogas industry in 2022.

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