High value veg: New Philippines processing facility to transform crops to profitable products

Date: 2020.07.10

The Philippines Department of Agriculture (DA) has approved the establishment of a food processing facility which will convert excess fruits and vegetables into high-value products and reduce food waste in the country.

The facility, valued at some PHP20m (US$399,433), will be built in the La Trinidad municipality in Benguet province. It was established after reports emerged of farmers in the region having had to dump crops such as tomatoes due to a lack of buyers and market access post-COVID-19.

“There should be no reason for farmers to lose when harvest is abundant. Dumping will not happen again,”​ DA Secretary William Dar said at a high-level DA meeting.

“The food processing centre will not only serve as a processing hub, but also as a learning and training site for farmers interested to process their harvest into other high value products, thus providing them additional income, and more importantly transforming them into processors.​

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