Australia and Cambodia work together to boost agriculture sector

Date: 2020.04.28

Australian Ambassador Pablo Kang has met Cambodian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries HE Veng Sakhon to discuss strengthening agricultural exports and how Australia can assist boosting local food security and rural incomes.

The meeting was held at the Ministry’s headquarters in Phnom Penh and a key topic was Australia’s signature agricultural aid initiative – the Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Programme (CAVAC) – that will provide more than $50 million to mobilize additional advisers to help the government maintain food security and resolve supply chain issues in the face of COVID-19 disruption.

The programme will also work with farmers, businesses and government to boost agricultural productivity, diversify crops and target new markets, all of which are critical given the number of Cambodian workers expected to enter the agriculture sector because of job losses elsewhere.

According to the Australian Embassy, CAVAC has already built irrigation schemes providing 12,000 Cambodian farmers with year-round access to irrigated water and is supporting 135,000 farmers to improve their farming practices.

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