Mountainous Village Activation Support Grant

Mountainous Village Activation Support Grant

Published: 2016.07.25
Accepted: 2016.07.25
Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University Japan

Mountainous Village Activation Support Grant[1]

Dr. Hisako NOMURA


Faculty of Agriculture

Kyushu University, Japan


○ In the mountainous villages, distinctive agricultural products and landscapes, as well as regional resources like traditional culture exist.  In recent years, the city residents’ appreciation towards the mountainous villages, as place for relaxation and comfort, is increasing. In order to activate the mountain village, it is important to bring out the potentials of these areas.


○ Toward generation of local income and employment, we re-evaluate the potentials of the mountainous villages’ regional rich resources such as firewood, wild plants, and the support efforts for active utilization of these resources in the whole community.


Financial support subsidy rate: fixed amount (up to 10 million yen per district)

※ This project is intended to help the activities excluding capital such as infrastructure.


○Support re-evaluation of endowments, existing situation and usage of the mountainous villages’ attractive regional resources such as local agricultural, forestry and fishery products and processed products.

- Assess the current usage situation, utilization form as well as potential usable amount and potential usage of agriculture, forestry and fishery products as well as processed products of the mountain village

  - Investigation of the human resources and the know-how related to agriculture, forestry and fisheries, traditional skills, techniques, wisdom, existing processing and sales facilities, unique nature, and landscapes, etc.


○ Support human resource development for consensus formation, organization formation, technical training in order for the community to realize activities suggested above.

-Survey on local people’s opinions towards active utilization of resources based on the collaboration of the community residents including people involving in farming and forestry.

-Workshop for implementing structure and organization building that help carry out activities

-Investigation and deliberation towards activity planning

-Practical training for operationalization practice, and for skills, techniques and know-how necessary for human resource development


○Support the consumption expansion within the region and sales promotion outside the region, and the trial experiment for efforts to increase the added value of products

- Marketing research, sales destination field survey towards the promotion of the production, processing and sales of specialty   products utilizing local resources

- Production expansion and product development of special products and actual sales applying existing farmers’ market and direct sale system for agriculture, forestry and fishery products in the region

-ICT and brochures, information transmission such as local description signboards

               -Product design study of the package, etc.


Business requirements

○ The must activities for rural development in mountain villages are specified on the basis of the Mountainous Village Development Act

○ There are must activities to generate the local income and employment through active utilization of these resources in the mountainous villages

(Need to set specific targets for income and employment generation)

○ Must activities which set development of communities based on agriculture, forestry and fisheries or of these industries themselves as a main purpose of the activities


- Development of the utilization system for energy resources such as firewood, thinning materials, etc.

- Development of new processed products using food materials such as wild plants, mushrooms, and other traditional vegetables

- New demand creation of traditional crafts (Woodwork, bamboo work, etc.)


Project implementation entity

○The whole entity includes the municipality, in accordance with mountainous village development or regional council, including the members of the municipality with mountainous village development


Target areas

○ Development of mountainous villages* that has been specified on the basis of the Mountainous Village Development Act

* that mountain village development plan has been developed


Project implementation period

○ In principle, three years are an upper limit


Application procedures of the grant


For more details, please contact us below.

○ Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Rural Development Bureau in Mountainous Regional Development Division: 03-3502-6005

○ Regional Agricultural Administration Bureau, Regional Maintenance Division

(Northeast): 022-221-6293 (Kanto): 048-740-0487 (Hokuriku): 076-232-4726 (East Sea): 052-223-4639 (Kinki): 075-414-9553 (Shikoku China): 086-224-9422 (Kyushu): 096-211-9783



[1] If you would like to read the original paper in Japanese, please refer to the website (


Date submitted: July 23, 2016

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: July 25, 2016