Overview of agricultural policy

ABSTRACT The Malaysian Government introduced the National Agrofood Policy 2011-2020 (NAP4) in 2010, as a guidance document for the implementation of programs and projects for the development of the agricultural sector in Malaysia. The ten years period of this NAP4 will be completed at the end of...
INTRODUCTION The Korean agricultural sector faces a number of challenges to be solved despite its rapid economic development. The Korean agriculture is characterized by small-sized family farming. Average farmland size is around 1.5 ha per farm which is the smallest among OECD member countries....
INTRODUCTION The Government Assistance Program is a new program in agriculture by the government to support national agricultural performance. The program was established during the administration of the Work Cabinet, during the administration of President Joko Widodo. At first, Indonesia's...
INTRODUCTION The challenge of Indonesian agricultural development is how to achieve the fulfillment of the needs of the leading commodities of food crops, horticulture, livestock, plantations and the increase in exports of agricultural products. For that future agricultural development, planning...
ABSTRACT This paper provided brief discussion of the current state of Philippine agriculture, the challenges being faced by the sector as well as the plans at least for the medium-term. It highlighted the importance of agriculture in the country and the challenges faced by the government to...