Overview of agricultural policy

INTRODUCTION In order to expedite the promotion of the New Agriculture Innovation Program, the Council of Agriculture (COA) finalized the New Agricultural Technology Strategic Planning in January 2019 report based on the vision of integrating interdisciplinary resources, creating predictable...
INTRODUCTION In Thailand, the agricultural sector contributes only 8% to the national GDP. Despite this fact, agriculture still plays a vital role in Thailand. First, as a major source of food supply for the Thai people and for the world and second, as a major source of employment. In 2018, the...
ABSTRACT   Grain corn is one of the important commodities in Malaysia as it is the main component of animal feeds. Currently Malaysia is the net importer of grain corn because the local production is unable to supply the higher demand of the  livestock industry, especially the ruminants...
SUMMARY Decree No. 107/2018 / ND-CP on rice export business, which the Government issued on August 15, 2018, unbinded and opened new directions for businesses and traders in production and export rice paddy  in our Vietnam. In the legal perspective, the article suggests some core issues for...
ABSTRACT The Philippine rice sector has always been the center of government agricultural policies. The focal points of the policies revolve around promoting food self-sufficiency, providing high income to rice farmers while making prices affordable to the consuming public. The accession to WTO...