Overview of agricultural policy

ABSTRACT Dragon fruit, Hylocereus spp., is one of the introduced fruit crops in Indonesia. This plant became popular and cultivated since 2000. Red flesh dragon fruit variety is the most widely cultivated. Indonesia has two types of dragon fruit region based on flowering and fruiting seasons. The...
INTRODUCTION In the process of economic development in Korea, the agricultural sector contributed to the development of the Korean economy by providing land, labor and capital to secondary and tertiary industries in addition to contributing to the preservation of land resources and the...
ABSTRACT International trade is very important to every nation including Malaysia. This activity generates revenue, creates employments and brings technologies, especially when the country imports high-capital goods. Malaysia is a trading nation. Malaysia has been recognized as one of the 25...
INTRODUCTION After the student uprising in 1973 which brought about democratic movements, Thai agricultural policy has shifted from urban-biased policy which aimed at keeping the rice price at low level to support the consumers and workers’ cost of living for industrialization, to producer...
ABSTRACT Japan’s general indirect tax, known as the Consumption Tax (CT), will undergo a comprehensive reform on October 1, 2019. The tax reform covers four major areas. First, the CT rate will increase from 8% to 10%. Second, the CT system will be converted from the long-lived single-rate...