Overview of agricultural policy

ABSTRACT This article aims at presenting the update on the achievement and future perspectives of Indonesian agriculture development policy and programs. It practically focuses on food production, food security, and farmer’s welfare aspects in the last four-year (2015-2019). The production of...
INTRODUCTION Korea’s rice industry has been suffering from oversupply since 2000. For this reason, various policies such as set-aside and support project for switching to other crops instead of rice is being implemented to reduce rice production. Those rice production control policies had...
ABSTRACT Tropical fruits are getting more and more popular in Japan. Historically banana is the top imported product in Japan. Due to local production of tropical fruits such as mango, Japanese consumers have more chances to purchase tropical fruits. According to the government's statistics of...
ABSTRACT Dragon fruit farming in Thailand has been increasing rapidly in the past few years due to growing conditions, productivity, high demand, and with good returns. The plant establishes well in wide range atmosphere from north to south of the country in various elevations from 100 to 800...
ABSTRACT Pitaya or dragon fruit (Hylocereus spp.) is a popular fruit with rapid development in Taiwan growing from 900 to 2,800 ha over the last decade. New varieties created from species and genus were well conducted by growers and breeders in past decades. The quality of white flesh pitaya is...