Overview of agricultural policy

We estimated the decrease in the amount of agricultural product purchases by calculating the change in restaurant sales and the change in agrifood for school meals after Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak based on the data from NAVER Co., Ltd. and Statistics Korea (KOSTAT). The results...
ABSTRACT The Malaysian government plans to transform the agriculture sector to be a dynamic, sustainable and competitive sector. Agriculture has been recognized as one of the National Key Result Areas (NKE) that projected to increase the gross national income to around RM49 billion (US$11.6...
ABSTRACT Food industry significantly contributed to industrial GDP of Thailand with a strong backward linkage to the agricultural sector, the foundation of Thai economy.  In general, Thai households have spent 33.9% of total expenditures on foods and beverages.  Previously, Thai...
ABSTRACT Rubber production is central in economic development and it is also the second most agricultural export item followed by beans and pulses. Natural rubber production, consumption information of world rubber market and Myanmar rubber sector are done by desk review and conceptual frame...
ABSTRACT The African swine fever started to apprear in Vietnam in January 2019, after that the outbreaks have quickly spread. By June 2020, more than 6 million of pigs were culled due to ASF dramas, with the financial damage estimated at more than 515 million USD. The ASF is new in Vietnam and...