Overview of agricultural policy

ABSTRACT Corn is one of the main ingredients for animal feeds, and this commodity supports the development of livestock industry in Malaysia. However, corn is a small industry and the local production could not meet the demand by the animal feed millers. As a result, Malaysia depends on its corn...
ABSTRACT The facilitation of agricultural education in Thailand has been in existence and practiced for more than 100 years. This has been conducted in three forms: formal education; non-formal education; and informal education. There are three levels of agricultural education: basic education;...
ABSTRACT The large southern state of Johor in Malaysia is rich in both cash crops and agricultural resources. In the cash crop category, for example, oil palm can be utilized for producing biodiesel while its food supply farm facilities features livestock (and dairy products like milk and eggs...
ABSTRACT Cooperation between Singapore and Indonesia has extended to the agricultural sector, beyond just industrial park collaboration between the two countries. One of these schemes is the Riau Vegetable Project importing green vegetables from Indonesia (including the nearest Indonesian...
ABSTRACT During the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic era, the behaviors and patterns of agricultural production have changed enormously. Labor shortages and supply chain interruption caused trouble to agricultural operations. Furthermore, how the tasks of smart agriculture affected by the...