Overview of agricultural policy

INTRODUCTION Japan’s hosting of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo constitutes an opportunity for greater transnational exchange between businesses. In response, Japanese businesses and the Japanese government have organized showcases of their cutting-edge technologies and their latest plans for...
ABSTRACT In recent years, the trend in coffee consumption has increased rapidly in various countries, especially in Indonesia. The government has predicted that there will be a significant increase in domestic coffee consumption in the coming years — the central government plans to increase the...
ABSTRACT Hanoi is one of the top pig producers and consumers in Vietnam. However, pig is mainly produced by small-scale producers; the number of small-scale producers, including smallholder (under 30 porkers) and small-scale farms which are from 30 porkers to less than 100 porkers accounts for...
ABSTRACT Organic agriculture is a farming practice which is currently increasing very rapidly globally due to the increase in demand for safe, healthy and environmentally friendly foods. However, the share of organic farming is still very low compared with conventional farming. The major...
ABSTRACT The northeastern part of Thailand is a significant area for quality rice cultivation, but it is constrained in topography, labor, and climate variability, resulting in low yield, high production costs, and unstable income. The proper policy option to settle such problems is the...