Environment and natural resources

ABSTRACT An arm of the Andaman Sea in the southern part of Myanmar, Gulf of Mottama Region (GoM), is supporting both coastal population and agricultural productivity in Bago Region and Mon State. The livelihoods in the rural sector depend on agriculture, livestock, and fishing and self-...
ABSTRACT Land degradation in the form of soil erosion is a major issue in ensuring food security and sustainability in agriculture. The reduction of soil erosion depends a lot on the use of soil conservation practices. The study attempted to assess the factors influencing farmer’s adoption of...
ABSTRACT  As a megadiverse country, the Philippines is recognized with its rich biodiversity. It has the most diverse life forms on a per unit area. Its biodiversity, composed of various flora and fauna, provides resources to meet basic needs for human survival, promotes economic...
The local people in Yanbye Township, Rakhine State have been practicing the conversion of mangroves for rice production since primordial times. World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Japanese Government supported funding for the conversion of mangrove areas for rice production in 1979 and...