Call for Papers of the 6th Special Issue of FFTC E-Journal

Harnessing the Economic and Socio-cultural Opportunities of Rural and Farm Tourism

Farm tourism is the business of attracting visitors and travelers to farm areas, generally for educational and recreational purposes that encourages economic activity and can provide both farm and community income (International School of Sustainable Tourism). Some of the benefits from having a farm tourism site include boosting the local economy, local employment, recreation and education benefits, health and wellness, helping build character, and being in a nature’s classroom. Farm tourism banks on harnessing economic and socio-cultural opportunities as their business model.

Many countries in the Asia-Pacific (AP) region are fostering/supporting tourist farms with various concepts and strategies. However, farm tourism alone seems to have limitations in achieving the goal of vitalizing the local economy and creating jobs. Not only is it difficult to meet the diverse demands of visitors with only one farm's capabilities, but even if the farm succeeds, the effect of its performance on the local economy will be limited. Therefore, a strategy based on the concept of ‘rural tourism’ that develops/connects various regional resources such as rural lifestyle, culture, food, and sightseeing should be discussed in parallel with farm tourism.

The theme of the 6th special issue of FFTC Journal of Agricultural Policy (FFTC E-Journal) will focus on the economic and socio-cultural opportunities of farm tourism. This special issue is expected to provide policy and economic implications for revitalizing Asia's small-farmer-centered rural areas by presenting the policy environment surrounding rural tourism, rural tourism business models, and various case studies.

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The submission deadline is 30 September, 2023.

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