FFTC AP – VAAS Online Forum on Circular Agriculture for Sustainable Healthy Diets now open for registration

The 2022 FFTC AP-VAAS Forum entitled “Circular Agriculture for Sustainable Healthy Diets: Perspectives and Policy Implications in the Asian and Pacific Region” to be held online on July 19, 2022, is now open for registration. FFTC and Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS) are jointly organizing this meaningful event in partnership with FFTC Agricultural Policy Platform (FFTC AP) partners.

Food systems have potentials to nurture the environment and human health; however, currently there are growing concerns that they are threatening both.

In the last 50 years, agriculture production has become more resource intensive, relying heavily on the availability of fossil inputs in the form of synthetic fertilizers and agrochemicals, and fossil fuels. Decades of increasing productivity and efficiency in the agricultural sector have led to pressure on the living environment at the expense of water and soil quality, biodiversity, ecosystem, and climate ‒ among others.

In the same context, human beings should not only consider healthy diets with nutritional and health benefits; sustainable food production and utilization should also be an integral part of it. Sustainable healthy diets are healthy to both people and the planet.

Circular economy (CE) in the agri-food systems or circular agriculture implies that agri-food products are generated in ways that regenerate nature, food is not lost and wasted, and all the resources are used productively (PACE – Platform for Accelerating Circular Economy). The agri-food sector through practicing circular agriculture approaches has significant potential in the transition to low carbon and climate-friendly economy. Therefore, it is crucial to identify drivers and barriers in transition from linear agri-food systems towards circular agri-food systems addressing planetary healthy diets.

The forum jointly organized by FFTC and VAAS, invites international experts to discuss: (1) Circular approaches to sustainable production and growth in the agri-food systems in Asia; (2) Nutrition and health communication approaches to enhance public awareness and consumption of sustainable healthy diets; and (3) Practical innovation and policy action to boost transition and scaling-up process of viable circular agri-food systems for sustainable healthy diets in Asia.

We are cordially inviting all researchers, industry players, farmers and enthusiasts to register and participate in the forum. The participants can join us online at the webex virtual meeting room or watch live broadcast at FFTC-website or Facebook.

Please register the workshop at https://km.fftc.org.tw/workshop/3

Registration is free!