2021 FFTC-AP Online Forum: The Way to Smart Agriculture Value Chain for Small-scale Farmers – Policies & Challenges

Date: Oct. 20, 2021 (10:00 – 16:45 GMT+8)
WebEx online meeting room

Smart agriculture is seen as an important means in solving the problems along the agricultural value chain. Hence, governments of many countries are adopting various policy measures to promote smart agriculture. However, the adoption of smart agriculture is still in its early stage, especially among smallholder farmers in Asia. In addition, the prevalence of smart agriculture may lead to structural changes such as capital-intensification of farming, commercialization of collected data, and intensifying polarization between leading and small farmers.

FFTC, ATRI, TARI and NACF are thus co-organizing an online international forum entitled “The Way to Smart Agriculture Value Chain for Small-scale Farmers – Policies & Challenges.” There will be 2 keynote speakers, 8 general speakers and 3 panelists, who will be invited from government offices, research institutes, universities, and private companies of 10 countries, to present the ongoing policy measures and strategies to promote smart agriculture, and to evaluate the possible structural changes that smart agriculture will bring and share the countermeasures.

There will be the following 3 sessions which aim to provide comprehensive scopes of strategies, challenges, possible structural changes, and countermeasures:

  • Session 1: Policy Measures and Case Study
  • Session 2: Challenges and Countermeasures for Promoting Smart Agriculture; and
  • Session 3: General Discussion

We are cordially inviting all researchers, industry players, farmers, and enthusiasts to register and join this video forum. We sincerely welcome your participation. For forum information and registration, please click on the link:

Registration is free!