Electronic pet ID card launched by agriculture ministry

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Taipei, April 10 (CNA) The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) has launched an electronic pet identification system to help enhance animal welfare and root out illegal breeding and smuggling.

Chiang Wen-chuan (江文全), head of the MOA's Animal Welfare Department, said Wednesday at a press conference that the new electronic ID cards will contain more information than was included on previous documents, for example, a picture of the pet.

The ID cards will also include the pet's birthdate, the name of the owner, and whether the animal has been sterilized and vaccinated.

He added that the online system was launched for convenience and due to not enough information being included about a pet on its previous ID document.

Pet owners will now be able to view and update all information relating to their animal on the Pet Registration Information System (https://www.pet.gov.tw/).

Previously, owners were only issued paper documents, which they had to update at registration agencies in person.

Chiang said he also hopes the new pet ID system will help clamp down on illegal breeding and the smuggling of animals, and gives prospective pet owners information on the mother of the pet they are considering purchasing or adopting.

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