Taiwan’s solar-powered fishery project

Asia Business Law Journal

Since 2016, the Taiwan government has committed to phasing out three active nuclear power plants by 2025, while diligently promoting development of new forms of sustainable energy, in particular wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies.

Compared to wind power projects, which require longer development and construction periods as well as significant financial resources, solar-power projects are less demanding from a construction perspective and may even serve in a transitional capacity during wind power construction.

Acknowledging this advantage, the government has set a goal of procuring 20GW of solar PV installation by 2025. Taiwan Power Company, the state utility company, aims to complete 2.5% of this target, with the remainder from private developers.

Among these projects, the government has proactively allocated certain zones for fishery solar PV projects, optimising land use to allow power generation and fish farming simultaneously and hoping to foster a win-win situation for rural areas by stimulating the economy and bringing stable green-energy supply.

It is expected that the fishery solar PV projects will be attractive to developers, bringing new opportunities to undertake large-scale solar PV projects with the attractive feed-in tariff.

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