South Korea to fund shrimp farming growth in Sri Lanka

Fish Farmer

The project will be carried out through the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). It will also strive to overcome some of the biological problems associated with shrimp farming.

The move is part of a global project implemented by FAO in Sri Lanka with a total investment of US $3.9m (£3.2m).

The project, which will take place over a three-year period, aims to ensure effective biosecurity in shrimp aquaculture through digital technology.

The FAO wants to build national capacity in various aspects of health management, biosecurity, food safety and analysis of biosecurity systems and to establish robust early warning and monitoring systems for disease that will support the sustainable development of the shrimp aquaculture sector.

The spread of diseases continues to be a constraint to sustainable aquaculture development, limiting yield, reducing profit and preventing investment.

Improving the biosecurity of the aquaculture sector will enable countries to grow more food efficiently, increase incomes, improve resilience and reduce vulnerability to the impacts of higher food prices and other threats to national food security.

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