S. Korea constructs pilot smart farm in Kazakhstan

Date: 2021.11.03

South Korea's greenhouse-type smart farm optimized for tough climate environments was constructed in Kazakhstan where dry grasslands and deserts occupy most of the country. The smart farm was designed to promote South Korea's equipment, manpower and technologies, and also as a demonstration site for potential foreign buyers based in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

A smart farm is an automated indoor farm created by combining information and communication technology (ICT) with agriculture. Because smart farms can automatically analyze the temperature, humidity and amount of sunlight using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, farmers can grow plants without having to worry about weather conditions. Remote management is also possible through mobile devices such as smartphones. Smart farms can help reduce labor costs and increase productivity.

The completion ceremony of the South Korean-type smart farm was held on October 28 in Almaty, Kazakhstan's heart of trade, the agriculture ministry said in a statement. The smart farm that can withstand heavy rain and snow will be used to stably grow Kazakhstan's favorite vegetables including tomatoes and cucumbers.

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