Japan: A six-grader develops eco-friendly trap to catch channeled apple snails

Date: 2021.07.14

A six-grade boy of Seki, Gifu Prefecture, has developed a trap to catch channeled apple snails using a plastic flower pot and a plastic bottle.

Chihiro Kuriyama won the Seki mayor’s prize with the invention, and the city plans to use the trap to get rid of the agricultural pest.

Kuriyama came up with the idea of developing a trap after a farmer told him that rice farmers are troubled by channeled apple snails causing damage to rice plants but they want to avoid using strong agricultural chemicals as much as possible.

He was shocked to see the big size of the snails and their pink eggs and set on creating a trap to help the farmers.

He made three holes, each matching the diameter of a plastic bottle, on the side of a plastic flower pot. Then he cut the plastic bottles, made lots of slits in the bottles and pasted them inside the pot to fit the holes. A lid is placed on the pot.

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