Taiwan focuses on strengthening cold chain for agriculture products

Date: 2021.07.14

The Taiwan Council of Agriculture has announced the new plan of constructing the cold chain for agricultural products. The plan will be focusing on basic infrastructure and increase the operating capacity, with a planned budget of €240 million from 2021-2024.

Taiwan produces a lot of fruit, vegetables and flowers. Due to an lack of precooling and an underdeveloped cold supply chain, post-harvest losses are too big. Therefore, it is essential that Taiwan can develop its cold chain sector in order to guarantee the quality and the quantity of products, while minimizing its post-harvest loss.

With this in mind, the Council of Agriculture in Taiwan intends to introduce a new cold chain plan as part of its “New Agriculture Policy”. Agroberichtenbuitenland.nl reports that the main purpose of this plan is to upgrade the quality of export products and minimize waste in the loop, to improve the value, food safety and prolong shelf life of the products.

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