Council of Agriculture to Amend Law to Prevent Market Speculations on Farmlands in Taiwan

Date: 2015.04.13

The current real estate market in Taiwan has turned its spotlight to the farmland sector. Expected superior return encourages more and more speculated investments in farmlands and farmhouses everywhere in Taiwan. Unfortunately, many of so-call ”farmhouses” are actually luxury holiday houses, which are supposedly illegal if examined by a real functional farmhouse built for farming activities. Thus, Minister of Council of Agriculture’s (COA), Bao-ji Chen, said that COA will jointly amend the Regulations Governing Agricultural Dwelling Houses with the Ministry of Interior. The goal is to require a more rigorous qualification regarding the application for farmhouse construction, including a real working status of farming activities and an active cover for farmer insurance.

 Source: Taipei Times, April 10, 2015                              

(Research and summarized by Dr. Min-Hsien Yang)