Intensifying the Involvement of Women in the Job Market and Entrepreneurial Activities in Malaysia



“The Malaysian government will continue to focus on efforts to intensify the involvement of women in the job market and entrepreneurial activities. Women now represent only 38% of the total workforce in the country. Therefore, to enhance the contribution of women in national development, women's opportunities to return to the workplace are expanded via 1(one) Malaysia Support for Housewife Program. The government will also help professional women return to the workplace via Women’s Career Comeback Program. In addition, to provide opportunities for single mothers who are interested in entrepreneurship, the Government will continue the Single Mother’s Skill Incubator Program (I-KIT), Women Entrepreneurship Incubator Program (IkUnita) and Women Core Development Program. In the 2015 budget previously tabled, the Malaysian Women, Family and Community Development Ministry will get RM2.26 billion to enhance the contribution of women via the above programs.”


Source: The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, March 21, 2015

(Research and summerized by Dr. Nik Rozana Nik Mohd Masdek)